What’s Happening In Your Neck Of The Woods? Local Real Estate Updates

As I was reviewing the June statistics, I looked over the detail that is always presented and is usually glanced at.

Here is what I found:

  1. In South Pickering:
    – 4 condo apartments were for sale and none sold.
    – 10 condo townhouses were actively for sale and 4 sold with the average sale price of $231,700.
    – 2 linked homes (attached by the garage) were for sale and none sold.
    – 5 freehold townhomes were listed for sale and 1 sold.
    – 6 semi-detached were for sale and 6 of them sold with an average price of $232,000.  That’s a rare site to see everything sold.
    – 48 detached homes were for sale and 27 of them sold.  That’s a solid 56% sell through rate.  We only worry if it stays below 40% for a number of months.
  2. In North Pickering:
    15 condo apartments were listed for sale and 14 sold.  Pretty good odds.
    – 49 condo townhouses were for sale and 16 sold for an average sale price of $208,000.
    – 6 linked homes were for sale and 2 sold.  Not a popular option in Pickering this month.
    – 32 freehold townhomes were listed and 15 of them sold for an average of $253,000.
    – 18 semi-detached were actively listed and 3 sold.
    – 199 detached homes were listed for sale and 60 of them sold for a sell through rate of 30% and an average price of $339,390.
  3. In Ajax:  (let’s start at the top)
    344 detached homes were listed and 124 sold for an average price of $318,750.
    – 29 semi-detached were for sale and 9 of them sold for an average of $255,500.
    – 53 freehold townhomes were actively listed and 22 of them sold.
    – 8 linked homes were for sale and 3 sold.
    – 31 condo townhomes were listed and 7 sold.
    – 3 detached condo were listed in south Ajax and one sold.
    – 17 condo apartments were for sale and 6 sold.

The days on market is holding steady at about 30 days giving buyers the chance to be sure of their decisions.

Want the magnifying glass to deeper and find out about your neighbourhood, I can give you what you need.