Types of lighting for the home

You probably don’t think buying a lighting fixture for a room is all that

complicated. It isn’t. However, it does require you to consider which types of

lighting you may need. According to the Lighting Association, there are

three types:

1. General lighting. By far the most common, this is the type of lighting

that is designed to create a functional brightness that spreads

throughout a room. A good example is a main ceiling light.

2. Task lighting. As the name implies, this type provides extra light

needed for a specific task, such as working at a desk or chopping

onions on a kitchen countertop. A bedside lamp used for reading is

another example of task lighting.

3. Accent lighting. This type is designed to set off a particular feature

of a room, such as a painting. It creates some practical light, but its

main purpose is to add to the overall decor.

When choosing lighting for a room, it’s important to consider these three

types. First, decide how best to light the space generally. Then think about

any special lighting you might need for specific functions, such as reading.

Finally, consider how accent lighting might add to the overall look.