Too Much Information: Municipal Tax Calculator for Your Durham Home

2007_tax_graphic(1)The average detached 3 bedroom home in Eagle Ridge of Ajax is about $410,000.  For the privilege of living in Ajax, you will pay about $4753 in property taxes, or $194 more than last year.

What if you could move your home to Markham?

The same home would carry property taxes of about $3222.

If that’s not enough to question your location, if you moved it to Toronto, it would be about $2505 for 2008.

I appreciate that property taxes usually don’t figure into people’s home buying decisions.  With the difference between an extra $200 a month or an extra $400 a month, maybe they should.

In case you were wondering, you could move to Pickering and pay $4607 or Whitby and pay $4831.

For more property tax fun, check out this article in the Toronto Star, from March 30, with it’s property tax calculator.