Timely Reminder To Respect Propane

The explosion in Toronto is a vivid reminder of high school science.  Some gases are volatile.  Of course, for propane, that is what we use it for.

Propane tankIt doesn’t hurt to be reminded that propane is dangerous and needs to be respected.  Here are some safety tips for you:

  1. Never use or store cylinders indoors.
  2. Check hoses for cracks.
  3. Always position cylinders so that the value/hose connection do not cause sharp bends in the hose.
  4. Keep the cylinders upright.
  5. Test the connections by brushing on soapy water and turning on the gas.  If bubbles appearor you smell rotten eggsturn off the gas and tighten the connections.  Do the test againif bubbles and /or the smell continue, shut off the valve and have it serviced by a qualified dealer.
  6. Don’t overfill.  Space must be left for the propane to expand when temperature rise.  To determine how full your cylinder is, pour hot water down the side, wait a second, then slide your hand up and down the tank.  Where the tank changes from hot to cold marks the liquid level.
  7. Every 10 years propane cylinders must be inspected and re-qualified.