Time to Go Tankless?

Although the government seems to be able to find lots of money to fund different interest groups, I, at home, am looking for ways to keep my bills under control and have a few pennies left over.

 Maybe, going tankless is an answer.  Is there a way you could be saving money on your hot water heating?

Your water heater accounts for about 25% of all the energy that you use in your home.  Most homeowners have a tank-storage-style water heater.  A tankless heating system can save 20 – 30% of the energy that is used to heat water.

Tankless water heaters use a lot less space and get bolted on the wall in the place of a tank-storage water heater.  The unit heats the whole water system for the house.  It is the unique way that water is heated that allows it to save money.

Water is heated only on a as-needed basis.  Your tank-storage water heater heats the water and then re-heats and re-heats it until it is used.

Tankless water heaters heat the water on demand using a heating element.  The heat can be from electricity or gas.  Typically, the gas units have more heating capacity and are better for whole house use.

The tankless system is more energy efficient and, over the long run, can save you money on your energy bill.  The upfront cost could be double or triple the storage tank system.

There are different sizes available depending on the amount of water the unit will need to heat, the temperature of the water coming into the unit, and the temeperature of the water you want to have leaving the unit.

Going tankless can save you hundreds of dollars per year and keep money in your pocket.  If you are interested in having an estimate for installation, call me for a recommendation to a great plumber.