The Survey Says: Real Estate Agents Help Transactions End Happily

J.D. Power, an independent surveyor of customer satisfaction, found that even though real estate buyers and sellers used the Internet for some things, their agent factored prominently in their overall satisfaction of the process.

Although the Internet provides home buyers and sellers with the ability to perform some essential taskssuch as listing a home for sale or researching a neighbourhood in which to purchase a homeit still does not replace the importance of a good real estate agent,’ says Jim Howland, senior director of the real estate and construction practice at J.D. Power and Associates. Particularly in an uncertain real estate market, professional advice from agents can be especially valuable to buyers and sellers.  The knowledge and expertise provided by experienced agents is an important benefit of using a full-service real estate company.’Survey tick

Overall satisfaction was determined by examining three factors for the home buying experience:  agent (65%); office (21%); and services (13%).  Four factors were examined for the home selling experience:  agent (43%); marketing (38%); office (12%); and services (7%).

A real estate company that provides agents who are skilled at determining the appropriate market value and listing price for homes, and who can effectively market properties, can help minimize the time that clients’ homes remain on the marketwhich can not only save the seller money, but can also diminish inconvenience and anxiety,’ advises Howland.