The Re-making of Pickering High School, Ajax

As I pulled into the Village Arena parking lot in Pickering Village, I wondered about the progress that is being made on the renovation of the Pickering High School.  And, after a two-snow storm week and -22 with the wind chill, how the kids were feeling about trudging through the snow between portables.

Pickering High School renovationAccording to the school and the press, the renovation are on schedule.  The high school was built in 1951 and has been given $20 million for renovation, to accommodate the growing population of Ajax.

The new gym is set to open this month (February 2008) allowing for the demolition of the old gym.  This piece-meal destruction and renovation means that the students can still attend classes, it just means that they have to hike over snow banks and dirt piles to do it.

Pickering High School currently is home to about 1700 students, and growing.  Gifted and French immersion students from the Pickering and Ajax attend along with regular stream teenagers from the surrounding area.

Check out their web site for up-to-date information:  Pickering High School Web site