The Ins-and-Outs of Home Staging

Homestaging bookChristine Rae and journalist Jan Saunders Maresh have recently released “Home Staging For Dummies.”  This handy book offers a wide range of home staging tips allowing home sellers to help give you the edge in selling your home.

Home staging leads the eye to what is great about the home and rooms, while minimizing (not hiding) the flaws.  “The way you live in your home and the way that you sell your home are two different things,” says Christine Rae.  She has become Canada’s best-known stager and is leading the charge to add credibility to this new profession.

At first home stagers were often decorators.  Now there is specific certification through the Canadian Staging Professionals and Certified Staging Professionals course.

The book sets out the differences between decorating and staging. “One big misconception professional stagers overcome time and time again is that staging the property means over-decorating or something akin to set design for a magazine shoot,” says the book. “Nope. Decorating appeals to the person living in the house; staging is removing the owner’s personal connection and targeting the buyer who will purchase your home.”

There are extensive before-and-after photos so that you can see and use their recommendations.

The book concludes with several lists, including mistakes that sellers often make, “tricks of the trade” to help sell a house, and 10 ways to prepare your house (and yourself) for the sale.