Sprucing Up Your Home For The Buyers

A perfect storm might be on the horizon for the real estate market.  The HST is set to come in July, when interest rates might take a hike and mortgage rules are changing.  Now, might be the opportunity to catch the rising market.  To make sure you can earn as much as possible from the sale of your home, there are some easy interior design secrets that enhance the feel of your home for potential buyers.

As a seller, you can’t control mortgage interest rates, market fluctuations, neighbourhood and city influences.  You can control how your home is presented when a realtor shows your home to buyers.

Having a pleasant environment can put buyers at ease and reassure them that the home has been taken care of.

Here are a couple of tips that might help:

  1. Change the lighting.

    Changing the lighting can instantly change the mood in the room.  For example, an overhead light in the bedroom tends to create a stark atmosphere.  Instead, turn on side table lamps with opaque shades to create a relaxed, ambient feel.

    Cramped, dim spaces can be enhanced with mirrors making the a room feel larger and warmer.  You can also use window coverings to adjust the light.  Blinds that open completely can give a bright, airy feel to a room and soft sheer drapes can add a touch of warmth.

  2. Add some accessories.

    Changing or adding accessories are just about the cheapest way to enhance your room.  They make the room more interesting.  Adding vases, candlesticks, coffee table books, flowers, and wall hangings can add life to your room.  Remember though, another rule in home staging is, less is more.

    One very special accessory is often better than five or six knick knacks.  The knick knacks tend to just add clutter.  Paintings and photos are good ways to add colour and character. 

It is wise to get professional advice when decorating or staging your home, fifty dollars invested in paint or accessories could be money in your pocket.