Snow Slows Ajax Real Estate Market: February Market Update

Ajax has been a little slow of the start.  34% of he homes on the market sold in February which translates into 138 of the 405 active listings sold.  This is similar to last year when 129 homes sold in February 2007.

The average price for a home in Ajax was $310,181 for February 2008, up from $296,975 for February 2007 and up from the year end price of $289,418.

Rumours around the real estate community are that the resale market might be a little slow in Ajax because of all the new home development in the east and north.  Buyer’s decisions hinge on a lot of factors.  One thing is certain, mature neighbourhoods always hold their appeal because of the big trees, fenced yards and friendly faces.

I can tell you how your neighbourhood is doing.