Buyers, Buyers…Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are…

If your house is on the market now in Durham Region850277_red_dices, you might be wondering where the buyers have gone.  In fact, unless you live in South Pickering, there is about a 70% chance that if your house was for sale in September, it is still for sale in October.

Statistics released by the Toronto Real Estate Board for the month of September showed that only one in three detached homes sold in Pickering (north of the 401), Ajax and Whitby.  In Oshawa, it was 1 in 4 homes.

If you happen to live in south Pickering, you had a 65% chance of sellingdouble the odds.  Time to call a mover.

224The large discrepancy between the areas, particularly in north and south Pickering could be a factor of price.  The mature areas of Bayshore, West Shore and Petticoat Creek registered an average price of $286,126.  North Pickering was almost $100,000 more expensive, with an average price of $384,144.  Ajax and Whitby, although more affordable, still came in with an average price of about $325,000.

Curious about how these variations affect the value of your home?  I can tell you.

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