Pros and Cons of Tile

Tile is a very popular form of flooring in today’s market. You’ll find it everywhere from entryways and baths to kitchen backsplashes. Homeowners, both those staying put and those selling, are looking for ways to make small changes to improve the appeal of their homes. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of going tile.

Durability: Tile installed correctly can last for decades. Apart from accidental chips and cracks, it really stands up to normal wear and tear.

Beauty: Versatile designs and colors make for a beautiful choice for any home. From luxury to budget, there are a wide range of sizes and surfaces from which to choose!

Affordability: While marble and travertine can be budget-busters, ceramic and porcelain tile can many times be less expensive than laminate or even carpet.

Do-it-Yourself: Today’s homeowners need projects that they can tackle themselves. Installing tile is easy to do yourself. Read online and view YouTube videos for tips and tricks.

Easy to Clean: Simple mopping removes most dirt and grime, which wipes away easily. Tile is also virtually stain resistant.

Heating: Tile works well with radiant heat flooring. Install mats yourself for toasty toes during winter months.

Go Green: Natural stone and non-toxic grout are stellar green flooring choices, especially when compared to carpets. It has fewer fumes and toxic coatings.


Repairs: Tiles can break. They don’t absorb the same impact as carpets or wood. Repairing one tile can be difficult, so be sure to keep extras on hand.

Labor Intensive: Tile is a do-it-yourself project, but not one for the faint of heart. It takes heavy duty mixing and lifting.

Cost: It depends entirely on the type of tile you choose, but higher-end tiles can be pricey.

Slippery: Tile is slippery when wet. This makes it a less than ideal choice for entryways. You can avoid this downfall by upgrading to a more textured tile, such as travertine or slate.

Echo Echo Echo: Carpet absorbs sound. Tiles don’t. Take this into consideration in high volume areas.

Maintenance: Grout can be hard to maintain. It can crumble or discolor. Be sure to use the proper sealant on grout to keep it in good repair.

Tile is an ideal choice when updating your house. It has its pros and cons, but it can increase appeal and saleability.