Preventing burglaries requires more than locks and alarms

There’s no doubt about it. If you want to keep your home safe from breakins,
you should have good locks an all doors and windows. An alarm system
is also a good idea.
But home security doesn’t end with locks and alarms. There are other less
obvious ways to keep your home safe. For example:
• Install exterior lights with a motion detection feature. A light suddenly
going on will almost always send a potential intruder away.
• Look for – and if possible eliminate – spots around your property
where someone can hide.
• Always have some lights on in your home when you’re away for an
• Never announce that you’re on vacation or otherwise away from your
home on social media sites. (Also ask your kids not to do this!)
• Don’t leave tempting valuables where they can be easily seen
through a window.
In addition to good locking systems on doors and windows, simple
precautions like these will significantly lower the risk of a break-in