Pickering’s 2007 Real Estate Market Update

Are you wondering if 2008 is a good year to capitalize on the real estate market in Pickering?  The value of homes in Pickering are determined by the sale price not the list price.

Here is information about what is selling in Pickering:

Pickering homeThe average price for homes sold in Pickering was $276,000 in 2006.  We saw a 4.9% increase in value.  That means that the average price was $309,306 at the end of 2007.

If you were selling your home in 2007, you had a 57% chance of it selling.  Of the 1,935 homes that were listed in 2007, 1,117 of them sold.

Curious about how the market affected the value of your home? Find out by calling me.  I can give you the current value of your home.