People are Moving in South Pickering: February’s Market Update

South Pickering was off to a slow start for 2008.  Home sales chugged through January and seem to have built up some momentum for February.

There were 23 real estate sales south of the 401 in Pickering with an average price of $300,126.  The average number of days on the market was 28.  There were 59 active listings which means that you had a 39% chance of selling if your home was on the market.

23 sales is a whole lot better than last February which only saw 8 sales.  The average price is about steady with the average price of those 8 sales last February being $305,894.

The market seems to be inching up with the average price up from 2007 $287,998.

Healthy numbers like that is good for the buyers and the sellers.  Buyers are able to have a look around before making decisions and sellers are able to get good market value for their home.

It might be time to sell.  I can tell you what your home is worth.