Oshawa Revealed: The changing real estate landscape of east Durham Region

OshawaSaturday mornings I venture into Oshawa for my son’s hockey games.  The new slogan for the city is “”Prepare to be amazed…” and I must say, as I drive by little pocketed communities that hold onto the word “community” like it was their birthright, and then past a suburban-nation, I am amazed.

An article in the National Post last weekend gave me a good flavour of what Oshawa is doing to re-invent itself:

So if you go, take Park Road

and have a good look around.

Prepare to be amazed

That’s the slogan of the city where I was raised.

But I’ll come running back each time.

– Cuff the Duke, Rossland Square

Check out the article on Oshawa de vivre.

Have a look, you just might be amazed.