North Pickering Real Estate Market Update: Listings Are Taking A Month To Sell

Often people will comment to me that everything seems to be selling quickly.  It’s a funny thing about averages.  Some things sell fast and some things sell slow.  In North Pickering, it is taking, on average 33 days to sell a resale home, which is the same it took last March.

Looking at that number, we see that, yes, some homes are indeed selling in a couple of days.  Some are taking a lot longer.

The other numbers in the market update, show us that north Pickering has experienced a few less sales this March, 86, over last March, 110; and the number of listings are down slightly as well—March 2008, 182 new listings and March 2007, 220.

The average price for resale homes sold in North Pickering this March was $312,447.  Last March saw an average price of $327,593.

As with all the areas, we are looking to the sun to heat things up a bit.

On an aside, my resident weather tracker, my mother, let me know that last April 6 was below freezing with snow on the ground.  What a difference a year makes.