Market News for Resale Homes in Pickering Village

Reports of the approaching end of the housing boom tell us very little about how our local market is fairing.  In short, the sky is not falling in the housing market in Pickering Village. 

In the Eagle Ridge area of Pickering Village, there were 20 home sales in the month of April.  Of those 16 were detached homes.  The highest priced home sold for $560,000 and the lowest sale was $236,000.  One home sold for over its list price by 102%.  Most sold close to their final list price to the tune of 98%.

The average length of time it took to sell the homes was 35 days.  There were a couple of slow list-to-sale homes, in the higher price ranges that extended the average up.  The median time to sale was 23.5 days.

Want to know how your street or neighbourhood is doing.  I can give you the lowdown.