Love The House, Hate The Traffic Noise–There is Hope!

Suburban noiseSo, you have fallen in love with a home that’s perfect for you but it is right beside the 401 or just north of Kingston Road.  There are a few options for you to make the traffic noise less noticeable.

Tony Sola, founder of does want you not to set your expectations too high.  The noise likely is not going away.

If the noise is bothering you inside the house, listen near the windows.  They tend to let in the most noise.

The sound almost always goes through the window and doing anything at all to the walls will be pointless until you have fixed the noise that comes through the window,’ says Sola.

Windows have a Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratingwho knew!?!  The higher the rating, the less the outside noise you should hear inside.  Standard dual-pane windows might have a rating of 27 32.  Specialty windows can get higher.

Switching from single pane with a STC rating of 22 25 to a higher rated dual pane can make a noticeable difference in the noise level.

It can be more challenging to enjoy a traffic-noise-free backyard.

One of the first things you would look at is the barrier.  If you’ve got a view wall or wrought iron fence that’s not going to block anything, or if you have large oleander bushes, that might block the view, but it doesn’t block the sound at all,’ says Sola.

Instead he recommends a solid wall that doesn’t have any gaps.

Auto noise comes from the tires.  So to control auto noise the wall will work pretty well because the source is really lowit’s at ground level, but truck noisethe medium trucks or the semi truckcomes from about eight Come join mefee off the ground, so even if you build a six, seven, or eight foot wall, that won’t help much.’

If you couple a barrier wall with a noise-masking system such as a water feature.  Then, you can virtually wash away the traffic sounds.

A water feature, if done right, can work very well.  You wouldn’t want a water feature that’s just trickling water.  You would want something more substantial that does have a noise level to it and more of a broad band noise.’

The problem with water features is that they tend to be localized.  The fountain might drown out traffic noise in one area of the yard, but the street noise could be heard in other parts.  The Tripoli fountain might be needed.

There are acoustic and landscaping experts that can help you design a beautiful interior or exterior that can hush the rush-hour world.