Lazy Saturdays in Pickering Village: Coffee and a Muffin and Sunshine

I had almost forgotten how clear the blue in the sky can look after the brooding gray of winter.  The brown haze of summer hasn’t settled in yet and the snow still brightens everything.

Last week I was complaining about shoveling one more time.  This week I ventured out along the cleared sidewalk to meet friends and neighbours who are coming out of hibernation with the sun.  I can even see some grass peeking out from under the shade of a tall pine tree.

As I walked I noticed some windows cracked open along Kearney Drive to let the fresh crisp air inside, clearing out the cob-webbed air of winter.  I smell spring cleaning on the wind.

Hot Beanz in Pickering VillageMy stroll took me to the quaint Pickering Village Courtyard for a luscious hot coffee.  Whipping (or chugging, depending on the line) through the drive-thru for a “Roll-up-the-rim” coffee has nothing on the fresh, smooth taste of the coffee at Hot Beanz in the Village.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you need to give your taste buds a treat.  You can even get a free coffee from the web coupon on the Hot Beanz web site.  They feature fresh baked treats and fresh ground coffee. 

Stroll on by, sit for a brew and enjoy the blue March sky.