Lack of Planning, Doesn’t Constitute a New Home Development Emergency

Lack of planning on Mattamy’s part, doesn’t constitute an emergency on Leave the Trees in Seatonthe city council’s part.

At a recent city council meeting, Mattamy Homes tried to speed up the approval process by asking Pickering city councillors to allow them to start grading for their new home subdivision in Seaton.


It seems that Mattamy Homes asked to jump over a couple of planning by-laws in order to get a jump on building.  City council actually said “no” to a big developer. 

It is not that the development is not going to happen.  It will.  It looks like the council is trying to avoid any chaining of protesters to trees or bulldozers by making sure that all the papers are filed in the right order.

It looks good on you, council.

We will keep you posted.