Is Durham Region Growing? A Tale of New Home Starts

I was flipping through the Durham Business Times that comes with my News Advertiser once and month and I hit on an article with the headline, Oshawa’s February housing starts edge higher.’

I am a kind of scanner when it comes to the newspaper, so I immediately dropped down to the table included in the article to see if I was interested in reading on.

This is what I saw, as the Oshawa numbers:

Single family starts:  February 2007-46; February 2008-33
Multiple family starts:  February 2007-0; February 2008-0
Total: February 2007-46; February 2008-33

It’s been a long time since grade schoolalthough I do help my daughter with her math, those numbers don’t look like they are edging up.  To me, they are sliding down.

Here are the totals housing starts for February for the rest of Durham:

Whitby:  2007–25; 2008–49
Oshawa: 2007–46; 2008–33
Clarington:  2007–29; 2008–34
Pickering:  2007–2; 2008–4
Ajax:  2007–39; 2008–23
Uxbridge:  2007–16; 2008–2
Brock:  2007–0; 2008–0
Scugog:  2007–0; 2008–0
Oshawa CMA:  2007–100; 2008–116
Source:  Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

The numbers that show an increase are Whitby and Clarington.  They push the numbers up for the Oshawa Census Metropolitan Area (CMA).  I guess that is the broad brush that they paint the east end of Durham with.

You can also see that development is a little slow for the other areas of Durham for February.  For us in the resale market, seeing a slowing of new builds means that people might be looking at existing homes to purchase.

What I also see, it pays to read the small print, not just the headlines.