5 steps to converting your Ajax home into a grow-op, or how to recognize one…

Second only to Mexico, the US citizens import their marijuana from Canada.  Looking for a “pot”-ential home-based business, marijuana grow-operations Police closing down grow-ophave been “growing” in popularity and insidiousness since the early 2000’s, much to the consternation of police and the family-oriented communities.

Here are 5 tips to setting your Ajax home up for hydroponics, or recognize a neighbourhood real estate eye-sore:

  1. Darken the windows: 
    Room blackening shades or plastic are needed to keep out the sun and prying nieghbours or police.  Since you will have to regulate the growing cycle using high intensity light from 1000 watt bulbs, cover all the windows.  Make sure no light from the stadium-style lighting leaks around the window frame, potentially alerting outsiders.
  2. Mask the odour: 
    Moth-balls, chlorine, manure, and/or air fresheners are often needed to cover the sweet distinctive perfume tha rises from the plants.  Careful blocking of vents and air ducts help to keep the smells inside.  Don’t open the door to strangers as the scent, and it’s masking can escape bowling over unsuspecting newspaper carriers.
  3. Cut into Power:
    Check out a home renovation guide for cutting into the power supply before the electicity meter.  The extra juice needed to run the operations doesn’t need to cut into your profits.  Opening a hole in the foundation below the electrical box gives access to all the power you need and none of the bills.  Watch out for heat-seeking chopters at night looking to detect power hogs.
  4. Prevent water damage: 
    There might be an opportunity to capitalize on the real estate market by relocating frequently, adding to your profits.  The water and extra humidity needed for the hydroponic grow operation can damage the hardwood floors, linoleum and ceilings with water spots.  Keep the attic dark so that potential buyers can’t see any mould or mildew that might be taking up residence.
  5. Make the home look lived in: 
    Leaving mail in the mailbox, papers on the porch and an unkempt yard can bring unwanted visitors.  If you act like you live there, the nosy neighbours will just think of you as an eccentric recluse.

 The RCMP has more information about recognizing a home that is being used for growing marijuana.  Use them, or the Durham Region police to investigate any suspicious homes or behaviour.  Together we can keep our kids safe on the streets and the drugs off them.