How to Discourage Buyers from Buying Your Home

If you’re listing your home for sale, then of course you’ll want to make
the best impression possible on potential home buyers. But, just to
have a little fun, say you don’t want to sell your property. What could
you do to discourage those who view your home?
Well, you could have your pets in the home during viewings. That will
certainly make it uncomfortable for some buyers – especially those
with pet allergies.
You could also leave personal items around, such as family pictures
and trophies. That will make it more difficult for a buyer to imagine
himself and his family living there. It might even make him feel a bit
like an intruder!
Clutter in bedrooms, closets and other areas of the home will make
those spaces feel less spacious than they really are, as well as make
visitors feel uncomfortable.
If you really want to turn off a buyer, then put off doing any minor
repairs. A dripping tap, flickering light, dent in the wall, or other
maintenance issues are certain to gain a buyer’s attention.
If all that doesn’t shoo away a buyer from your home, then stick
around during a viewing and follow him and his family from room to
room. That will certainly make him feel uneasy.
Of course, we’re just having a bit of fun here. When you put your
home on the market, you want to sell it.
It’s easy to avoid all the pitfalls described above and ensure potential
buyers appreciate the full value of your home.
So when you’re preparing for a showing, think of ways you can make
your property appear its best, and make the buyer feel welcomed and
comfortable viewing it.
Want more ideas on how to sell your home quickly and for the best
price? Give me a call anytime. Cheers….