How Much Can You Afford?

Why is it so important to know how much you can afford to spend on a
Two reasons.
First, you don’t want to buy a property and then find out, only after you’ve
moved in, that you can’t financially maintain it. That would mean having to
resell it under stressful conditions.
Second, you don’t want to settle for a property that’s less than ideal, when
you really could have afforded the “dream home” you’ve always wanted.
So how do you figure out how much you can afford to pay for your next
The first step is to talk to a good REALTOR®. He or she will help you gain a
clearer understanding of how much your current home will likely sell for in
today’s market. That amount, together with other financial resources you
might have (such as savings), will determine your down payment.
The next thing you’ll need to figure out is your mortgage. Your REALTOR®
can help you find a lender who will take a variety of factors into account –
income, credit rating, debts, expected down payment, etc. – to calculate the
maximum amount of mortgage for which you qualify.
Say, through the proceeds of the sale of your home combined with your
savings, your expected down payment is $90,000. If the lender authorizes a
mortgage of $270,000, then you can afford a $360,000 home.
Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll need to spend that much. In fact, a
home that meets your needs in terms of property type, features, and
neighbourhood, may in fact cost you less.
One thing is for sure. A good REALTOR® can work with whatever amount
you can afford and show you homes on the market that most closely meet
your needs.
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