Home Scene: Where memories are made

After laughing at Shrek in 3D Sunday evening, I relaxed in bed with a book.  I could hear Jeremy talking to someone on line with his new PS3 game in the living room.  The girls had been tucked into bed:  Kailey tired after a soccer tournament and Grace after 3 hours of homework and the movie.

There was a quiet knock on the door and Nancy calls Grace to come in.  She immediately stretches her arms out to welcome our baby into them.  Grace sees scary people whenever she closes her eyes.  My wife reminds her that Shrek wasn’t scary and that maybe we shouldn’t be watching scary shows on television.  Grace tells us a story about how a couple of years ago, Jeremy made her watch Grunge on television and it still scares her.  He made you, my wife comments.  He sat on me.

That could be true, and Grace is scared and tired, and so are we.  Nancy offers to have her sleep with Kailey (she has a big bed).  She gets Grace a favorite stuffed animal.  Kailey rolls over and asks what’s going on.  Grace is going to sleep with you; she’s scared.  Okay.

We relax back in bed with the ceiling fan cooling our skin.

That’s home.

Want one?  Call me.