Help Sick Kids Care for Sick Kids

SectionI was out on errands today and I was listening to Mix 99.9.  They are sponsoring a 3–day radio-thon to raise money for Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto.

Each story moves me.  I hear the children’s and parents’ courage and faith and persistence.  I also hear about the courage, faith, and persistence of the staff.  You can’t help become involved with their story.

I have my own story. 

When my daughter was 18 months old, she severely burned her foot.  She was treated at Sick Kids with care and persistence.

One memory is burned into my mind as what it means to have this world class hospital at our doorstep.

My daughter needed a skin graft.  The doctor scheduled the surgery for Christmas Eve.  As I sat in the surgical waiting room after handing my daughter over to the nurse, I woke from my own reverie to watch the only 2 other families waiting.

I knew that I was taking my daughter home that evening to spend Christmas at home.  The other families were not so lucky.  They did not know if they would ever take their child home.  One group waited to hear if the doctors had stopped the bleeding their 16 year old son was experiencing as part of his treatment for leukemia.  The other couple conversed with the doctor about their day old baby who had not fully developed before he was born.Frank racing 034

I don’t know what happened to the other families that spent that Christmas eve in that waiting room.  My daughter is healthy and strong.

I want to encourage each of you to contribute as much as you can to this wonderful place.  Please go to either Mix 99.9 or Sick Kids to donate.