“Green” Is The New Gold: 4 Ways To Renovate For The Environment

Recycle itCanadian home buyers have said that they are willing to pay more for green’ features.  New home builders are offering special green’ options in things like the selection of building materials and energy-efficient choices.  If you are renovating your home, perhaps to sell, consider some environmentally-friendly alternatives:

  1. Out with the hardwood, in with the bamboo.  Bamboo is considered a green’ choice because of its high yield in farming and quicker re-growth (than hardwood).
  2. And put the floor in with formaldehyde-free glue.
  3. Use Green Seal’ paint.  Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)they880546_paintbrush just sound wrong to put on your wallsand other additives in conventional paint can have negative consequences on your health and the environment.  Look for a green seal when you are re-painting.
  4. Go with the low-flow.  Low flow-shower heads and aerators save water without sacrificing water pressure.  Low-flow toilets can reduce your water usage by almost half.

Environmentally-friendly features in your home could give you the competitive edge in any real estate market.

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