Get Your Share of the Government Pie

I recently had a home energy audit to see what grant money I had Home energyavailable from the incentive programs that the government has available.  Actually, over 21,000 Canadians have taken advantage of this program.

I can get $2,645 from the government if I complete all the suggested improvements.

Now, some of the suggestions, like $760 grant to replace $11,000 worth of windows, doesn’t seem worth the effort.  But $50 on silicone sealant and some electrical socket insulation covers can get me $190, if I improve the air tightness of my home by 10%.

I replaced my old 50 gallon hot water tank with a tank-less one and I am getting $315 back from the government.  I’m not sure I will realize any savings in my bills because the kids take longer showers—they don’t run out of hot water.

These incentives and more are available to you.  Natural Resources Canada ecoEnergy Retrofit—Homes grant can help you make often necessary home improvements.

The government also has tax credits available for other home renovations.  It is worth checking out national, provincial, regional and municipal programs that can take some of the sting out of home repairs.