Foods that boost your energy

Many people order an espresso or reach for an energy drink when they
need a boost. However, there are other foods that can give you a similar
increase in energy and are, arguably, a lot healthier. Here are a few
examples: •
• Coconut oil. It contains high quantities of medium chain fats, which
are a quick source of energy.

• Honey. It tastes sweet because it’s a natural form of sugar. As we all
know, sugar gives you a quick boost.

• Iron containing foods. Lack of iron in your diet can leave you
feeling sluggish. Adding more beans, spinach, and lentils to your diet
– perhaps in salads – can help boost your iron levels.

• Nuts. Almonds, cashews and other nutrient-rich nuts are the ideal
quick snack for an energy boost.

• Dark chocolate. It’s great news for chocolate lovers, but keep the
portions small. •
Finally, not drinking enough water can also rob you of energy. In fact, water
may be the best energy-boosting “food” of them all.