Do You Have “Recalled” Products in Your Home?

You’ve no doubt noticed the occasional news report about a product being
recalled for safety reasons. For example, a car model with a brake problem,
or a children’s toy that, under some circumstances, may cause injury.
You may not know that these news reports are merely the tip of the iceberg.
For each product recall you hear about in the media, there are dozens that
get little, if any, publicity.
That means there may be products in your home that have been recalled —
and you don’t even know about it. It’s a scary thought.
How do you find out about recalled products that may affect you? Here are
two tips.
1. Always complete the registration that comes with many products.
This is typically done by mailing in a registration card or filling out an
online form. When you register, you’ll be alerted by the manufacturer
if the product is recalled for any reason.
2. Both Canada and the United States have agencies that list recalled
products on their websites. In Canada it’s the Healthy Canadians
website at In the United States it’s the
Consumer Product Safety Commission at It’s a
good habit to check these sites every season.
If you discover that a product in your home has been recalled, contact the
manufacturer immediately. Never assume that the reason for the recall
won’t apply to you.