Curious about what’s trending in homes and gardens this year?

As another year is launched, so too are the latest design trends.  If you’re thinking of a home refresh or just wondering what’s new, here are a few popular trends to look out for in 2016:Tiny Home

  1. Tiny Homes – This trend is especially popular in areas where affordable housing and space are at a premium.  Although tiny homes are definitely not for everyone, the trend has piqued people’s interest in living more simply and in smaller spaces.
  2. Spaced Out – Designers are discovering new ways of making small spaces appear larger by using glass, sliding walls, curtains or room dividers.  Adding loft space and getting creative with storage are other great ways to maximize limited spaces.
  3. Green Fingers – Not everyone’s born with a green thumb but it’s easy to get advice with the tap of a finger!  Vegetable planting apps make it easy to grow your own and they’ll even help you pick plants based on your particular climate zone.
  4. Smart Security – There are various ways for homeowners to keep tabs on things while they’re out and about.  Monitoring sensors, wireless cameras and smart locks are affordable, easy to install and connect directly to a smartphone.
  5. Sustainability – The environmental theme is still going strong from healthy building materials and energy-efficient designs to decorating with organic materials.  Re-purposing is also very popular as it’s an eco-friendly way to create stylish and unique furnishings.

It’s important to be aware of trends, especially if you’re sprucing up your home to sell but one of the best “trends” this year appears to be enjoying and decorating your home the way you like.  Some trends have more staying power than others but keep in mind that investing in sustainable living is definitely something that’s not going away anytime soon.