Check your furnace now to save on costly repair bills in the future!

Check your furnaceWhen we’re poking around in the basement, we usually pass the furnace without giving it a second thought — until the weather changes and it’s time to fire it up!

The last thing you want is your heat failing on the coldest night of the year when service calls cost a fortune. Here are some tips that’ll keep you warm and cozy:

All Clear – Keep the area around the furnace clear of dust and obstructions and never store any kind of flammable material nearby.

Go Pro – An annual check-up by a licensed technician who inspects the motor, fan, burner, heat exchanger and thermostat will help you avoid costly repairs.

Second Glance – Give it a visual inspection from time to time and make sure you clean or replace filters regularly as dirty air filters block air flow causing the system to work overtime.

Seal & Save – In addition to furnace maintenance, seal up air leaks with caulk or weather strips and always open your drapes on sunny days and close them at night to keep the heat in.

Regular furnace maintenance will increase efficiency, reduce energy use and prevent general wear and tear. Having your furnace serviced on a regular basis is an investment rather than an expense as it’ll help you avoid having to deal with massive, unexpected repairs down the road.