Canada’s Housing Market “On Very Different Path” Than US

You read a headline like that after you read the post below and I am sure you are thinking, “what planet are they on?”  It seems that all the press are trying to pacify Canadian buyers and sellers.

The reality is that there are a lot of factors at play in the housing market numbers.  And that means that you need to know your facts.  You need information to make good buying and selling decisions.

Here are some facts for you:

Look at this chart below.  The average house price in Pickering and Ajax has been on an upward trend since before 2000.  It is still on an upward trend—it’s has just seemed to have crested.

Average price oct

Although house prices are looking okay.  It is important to know that not as many homes are selling.  If you are looking to sell in the next 6 months, now might be a better option than later.  Get the facts.