Bargain Shoppers Are Out In Full Force: Where Are the Real Estate Bargains?

I was shopping at Price Chopper this morning, with, I think, half of Pickering.  They had a $1 sale on.  I checked through the list and could have bought some bargains that I didn’t need.  Are they bargains then?

I have had several real estate buyers ask me about house bargains.  If the market is going down, there should be some sellers ready to make deals.

The home sellers I have are not looking to sell at any price, and I think that is true of most of the sellers out there.  You can find some great houses out there for great prices.

Out of curiosity, I went looking for the lowest priced houses.  I found 2 homes Pickering and Ajax that are below $200,000–-a bargain in this market.



Are you ready to strike a deal?  Have we got a house for you!