Are You Afraid to Walk in Your Neighbourhood After Dark?

Statistics Canada says that 18% of people who live in urban areas are.  Women and seniors top the list of fearful groups.  Although they were less likely to be fearful once they got in their home, than those ages 25 44.

Police lineIn a study, Fear of Crime and the Neighbourhood Context in Canadian Cities, Robin Fitzgerald found that there were three neighbourhood statistics that intimidated people the most:  higher proportions of low income families, visible minority residents, or lone-parent families.’

Given the top-of-the-hour media coverage crime gets, it is no wonder that most people think that crime is getting worse.

Statistics Canada reported in July that the crime rate has decreased for the third year in a row.  The crime rate has actually being declining since 1991.

In case you want to get back on the streets, you should know that Toronto is actually the safest big city in Canada with the lowest per capita crime rate in cities over 500,000.  It also ranks the lowest break-and-enter crime rate in the country.

Curiously, Regina has the highest rate of violent crime and break-and-enter.  So, that fact that house prices in Regina have risen 39% this year.  You might want to check out the neighbourhood first.