Ajax Resale Home Market Shows Interesting Trend: Sales Down and Prices Up

The Greater Toronto real estate market, in general, is showing a slower March with prices holding steady or going up.  Ajax echoed the GTA trend with sales down from last March and prices up.

The average price for a home sold in Ajax in March 2008 was $297,011.  So far this year, it has meant that the average sales price is $301,389.  For March 2007 the average sale price in Ajax was $287,448, and the average sale price for the whole year of 2007 was $289,418.

The number of homes that sold were down from last year, as were the number of new listings coming on the market.  This March, there were 293 new listings and 139 sales.  For March 2007, there were 321 new listings and 160 sales.

It will be interesting to watch what happens to the Ajax Market as the spring market heats up.  I will keep you posted.