Thoughts on Ajax…

Ajax-by-the-lakeI am from a semi-small town called Ajax. When you enter Ajax, a cleverly marketed sign states that not only is this town Ajax, but it is “Ajax-by-the-lake” being Lake Ontario. Definitely a tourist ploy. I grew up in the same house my whole life, always went to the same school and always had the same friends….I moved 2000 miles away…. miss its charm and people and houses and atmosphere. Sometimes I wonder why I didn’t realize how perfect it was until the day I left it behind me. It was perfect. It is perfect.


…continues to grow at a brisk pace and this small, sleepy town is now a vibrant, diverse community. Public transporation is well served within this region by both bus and the GO Train system, which travels directly into the heart of the city of Toronto. The neighbourhoods consist of post war construction homes and many newer subdivisions as well. An open and inviting lakefront at the foot of Lake Ontario and extensive trail and parks system, historic areas and popular retail operations have blended well to create an attractive location within the Greater Toronto Area.


The Red Rose of Lancaster is the official flower of Ajax (adopted in 1999). It is also the official flower for Lancaster, England, the site of initial construction of the HMS Ajax, the ship for which our Town was named.

No matter where you live in Ajax, you’ll want to check out our fabulous waterfront! Ajax takes great Ajax-by-the-lakepride in its Lake Ontario waterfront, which is the longest undeveloped waterfront in the Toronto area. It is accessible to the public, with bridges spanning creeks, natural and maintained areas, and lots of walking/biking pathways.

With many kilometres of walking and bike trails along with park land, the waterfront is well used. At the foot of Harwood Ave. S. you will find Veterans’ Point Gardens, dedicated to the HMS Ajax, the Royal Navy ship after which the Town was named. The Gardens are also dedicated to the Defence Industries Limited (DIL) plant and its workers that made this area their home during World War II. The Gardens are a great place to learn some of our Town’s history and enjoy the lakefront. Continue west along the lakefront to find Rotary Park, site of many activities such as Music in the Park in the summer, Canada Day celebrations, and many other special activities. Rotary Park includes a playground and snack bar and it is also the entry point to a long-span bridge across Duffins Marsh where it enters the lake. Across the bridge, the pathway continues into the City of Pickering.