5 Questions to Ask When Searching For Your Next Home

Before you get dazzled by all the staged homes that help you complete your home ownership dream, here are a few things to consider:

1. Should I think about resale before I purchase my first home?

It’s so exciting buying your first home, sometimes you don’t think of where you will be a few years down the road. The average first-time home buyer only stays in a home for four years, so if you purchase a home that is very specific and not appealing to a general audience it may be hard to sell later on.

2. How should I search for my new home?

Don’t limit your home search to the Internet and Open Houses. When working with a Realtor® you will have access to properties before they go on the MLS® system, as well as, property information not available to the public. A Realtor® can help you avoid missing out on the property you really want.

3. What do I want in a neighbourhood?

Make a list of all the amenities you would like in the neighbourhood you want to live in. Do you want access to public transportation, recreational facilities, shopping or schools? Do I want a vibrant urban community or family-friendly suburban community?

4. Should I consider schools before buying?

If you have children, before you buy a home you should contact the designated school(s) for the neighbourhood(s) you are interested in. Do they have space for your children? Will they need to take the bus?

5. As a first-time homebuyer, how can I make the buying process easier?

The home buying process will be easier if you can narrow down the type of home you want to see. Remember you are not looking for the perfect home. If you are always looking for the perfect home, the process will be frustrating. The best rule of thumb is to satisfy 85% of what you are looking for. Which means what 15% can you live without?