July 23, 2012


Greater Toronto REALTORS® reported 3,679 sales through the first 14 days of July 2012, representing a 5.6 per cent increase compared to the 3,484 sales reported for the same period in 2011. New listings were up by 14.4 per cent […]
July 19, 2012

Can you get me the Best Price Available

Whenever a person sells anything, they hope to get the highest price possible for the item. This obviously applies when a homeowner sells their house. In many cases their home is the largest investment they have ever made and hope […]
July 18, 2012

Are You Ready for the Real Estate Roller Coaster

Buying or selling a home is a huge financial task that can trigger a roller coaster of emotions. When you’re being tossed around at every turn, it’s critical to hang on and keep your feelings on track. When you put […]
July 15, 2012

Can you take care of all the hassles?

People say: “It takes a village to raise a child”. The realities of today’s life (two family incomes and such) have forced a family to lean on others (neighbors, relatives, teachers, etc.) to protect and teach our young people about […]
July 10, 2012

Can you Sell my House?

ACCESS A seller should be willing to give almost unlimited access to potential purchasers if they are looking to sell. Any restrictions to showing the home will result in fewer buyers which could result in a lower price, a longer […]
July 5, 2012

Low-Rise Home Types Drive June Price Growth

July 5, 2012 — Greater Toronto REALTORS® reported 9,422 home sales through the TorontoMLS system in June 2012. The number of transactions was down by 5.4 per cent in comparison to June 2011. The year-over-year decline was largest in the […]
July 3, 2012

Hiring The Right Moving Company

How do you select the best moving company for your needs? • Ask for recommendations from friends other professionals in the local real estate industry. • Beware of fly-by-night operations. They may seem like a bargain, but you get what […]