November 30, 2011

Low Interest Rated Boost Housing Market : BMO

The Canadian Housing Market seems to be planted fairly firmly in balanced territory, and BMO Economics feels that this is in large part to a continuation of a low interest rate environment.   “Low mortgage rates are offsetting weaker consumer […]
November 25, 2011

“Should I sell my house first before I buy, or vice versa?”

From my experience it is better to sell first for some people because: 1. Avoid losing from both ends. For example, if you went out and found a house that was exactly what you were looking for what would you do? 2. […]
November 18, 2011

GTA Realtors Report Mid-Month Resale Housing Market Figures

  Greater Toronto REALTORS® reported 3,379 transactions through the TorontoMLS® during the first two weeks of November. This result represented more than a 13 per cent increase compared to November 2010. New listings were up 16 per cent over the […]
November 18, 2011

Many Canadians forced to carry Mortgage Debt into Retirement

A new study from RBC suggests that not only are debt levels mounting in this country, they are extending much longer than most people had hoped for. What this study has revealed too, is that there is a disconnect between […]
November 16, 2011

A fixer-upper can save on the overall cost of the house

Don’t pass by that shabby house just yet. With the average price of Ontario homes on the rise to almost $360,000, the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) recommends looking beyond move-in-ready properties. Everyone wants a house or condo that will […]
November 11, 2011

Pace of Home Sales Remains Brisk in October !!

November 7, 2011 — Greater Toronto REALTORS® reported 7,642 home sales through the TorontoMLS® in October 2011. This represented an increase of 17.5 per cent compared to the 6,504 transactions reported in October 2010. Monthly sales data follow a recurring […]
November 7, 2011

Housing evolution driving average price appreciation in Canada’s major centres

Mississauga, ON (November 7, 2011) — Billions spent in new construction, renovation, and infill over the past decade have contributed to a serious upswing in the calibre of Canada’s housing stock, propping up residential average price in the country’s major […]