May 28, 2008

Canadians Don’t Have An Umbrella: Rainy Day Funds Fall Short For Most Home Owners

The National Post reported recently that Canadians are not very well prepared for rainy days, like an economic slowdown.  Despite a lot of press being given to the economy inching towards the “”R-word,” most Canadians only have about one month […]
May 23, 2008

Don’t Want to Pay Development Charges? Buy a Resale Home

Recently there was an article in the News Advertiser that suggested that Durham Region was impacting house affordability because it charges a substantial amount to new home builders to cover the costs of putting in the services to the new […]
May 21, 2008

Ontarians Get To Air Their Laundry

Although I am sitting by the computer today with wool socks and a sweater on (because I don’t want to turn my heat back on), I am looking forward to the fresh smell that summer-air-dried laundry can have.  I am […]
May 18, 2008

Is A Long Term Mortgage the Best Option for First Time Home Buyers?

It is nice to get confirmation  of your opinion from the press.  The National Post published an article on long-term mortgages that echoes the post where I urged first time buyers to be cautious. The article referenced a report from […]
May 14, 2008

What Will $1 Million Buy You in North Pickering?

Since the April market in North Pickering didn’t produce any interesting numbers, I was curious what a million dollars could by you in the area. In North Pickering, there are 2 million dollar listings: one on Fairport Road and one in […]
May 12, 2008

South Pickering Is One Market That Is Coasting Into Spring

The national press is presenting a cautiously pessimistic attitude to the real estate market.  The buyers in South Pickering must be listening.  In spite of there being some great value in the area, only 22% of the 81 active listings […]
May 12, 2008

Market News for Resale Homes in Pickering Village

Reports of the approaching end of the housing boom tell us very little about how our local market is fairing.  In short, the sky is not falling in the housing market in Pickering Village.  In the Eagle Ridge area of Pickering […]
May 6, 2008

Gather the Facts Before You Jump Into Your First Mortgage

There was recently it was reported that many young women buying their first home alone.  It is no longer love, marriage and a house with a baby carriage.  More single, young women are opting for the home first. I am all for the […]
May 5, 2008

GTA Resale Housing Market Moderate in April, But Prices Up

TORONTO, May 5, 2008 — With 8,762 houses sold in the Greater Toronto Area, April’s resale housing activity was down seven per cent from the record 9,452 transactions from the same timeframe a year ago, Toronto Real Estate Board President […]