October 26, 2007

3 Reasons Why Toronto’s Land Transfer Tax Bite Could Help Push Buyers Out To Durham Region

It was interesting to watch, as an outsider, the political maneuvering that Mayor David Miller in Toronto employed to get is cash-grabbing municipal land transfer tax passed into reality. In a nutshell, the Toronto city council voted to defer the tax […]
October 25, 2007

Meet me in Pickering Village

I want to present you with an opportunity.  An opportunity to buy one of the best deals in Pickering Village today. My listing at 103 Kearney Drive is a beautiful dream home, possibly for you.  I could wax poetic on […]
October 24, 2007

Bank of Canada Wants You To Buy A House In Durham Region

To the surprise of no one, the Bank of Canada held its overnight interest rate. What does that mean to you and me, the average consumer? Your bank uses the overnight interest rate as a guide to setting their prime […]
October 20, 2007

5 Steps For Getting More Money Than You Need To Buy A Home

Many people are hearing about the surrender flags that are being waved throughout the US from lenders who backed the wrong people.  Canada is not quite in the same spot because our credit rules were never as lax as our […]
October 18, 2007

Re/Max Prognosticators Weigh In For The Housing Market In 2008

‘Tis the season for trend watching.  As we march through the last quarter of 2007, whether to sell now or in spring 2008 is on a lot of people’s mind.  The forecasters oblige by offering up what they think the […]
October 5, 2007

Buyers, Buyers…Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are…

If your house is on the market now in Durham Region, you might be wondering where the buyers have gone.  In fact, unless you live in South Pickering, there is about a 70% chance that if your house was for […]
October 1, 2007

Racing Car gimmick–It’s not a gimmick. I am the fastest realtor in Pickering.

I was talking to a neighbour in Pickering Village about the new scar I am sporting on my forehead.  I mentioned that it came in a racing car accident at Mosport a couple of weeks ago. He said that he thought the […]